Estructuras Atlantis 

Estructuras Atlantis, una para cada paciente

Atlantis suprastructures cuenta con una completa gama de estructuras de implantes para prótesis fijas y removibles. A diferencia de las estructuras coladas, las estructuras de implantes Atlantis suprastructures se fabrican a partir de bloques sólidos de titanio y cromo cobalto, lo que elimina la posibilidad de porosidades en el material.

Las estructuras de implantes Atlantis suprastructures se producen con los últimos avances en tecnologías CAD/CAM, y cuentan con el soporte de la experiencia en dispositivos médicos e industriales basados en ordenador.

Las estructuras Atlantis suprastructures ofrece las siguientes ventajas: 
Precisión que proporciona ajuste sin tensión. Disponible para los principales sistemas de implantes. Gran flexibilidad en la terapia y opciones de diseño. Pedidos on-line simplificado y eficiente.

Learn more about Atlantis suprastructures patient-specific suprastructures beyond CAD/CAM (pdf)

Unlike cast suprastructures, Atlantis suprastructures are milled from solid blocks of titanium or cobalt-chrome, eliminating the potential for a porous material.

Atlantis suprastructures are produced using the latest developments in world-class production technologies, and supported by computer-based industrial and medical-device expertise.

The art and craft of dental laboratory procedures are further enhanced through the application of engineering principles, allowing for the design and production of consistent, high-quality, patient-specific implant suprastructures for all major implant systems.

Restorative freedom

Atlantis suprastructures offers a full range of patient-specific CAD/CAM dental implant suprastructures for fixed and removable dental implant prostheses and overdentures, for all major implant systems.

Click here to learn more about:

  • Atlantis suprastructures 2in1 for removable prostheses
  • Atlantis suprastructures 2in1 for removable prostheses
  • Atlantis suprastructures Bar for removable prostheses
  • Atlantis suprastructures Bridge for fixed prostheses
  • Atlantis suprastructures Hybrid for fixed prostheses

The milling strategies for Atlantis suprastructures have been optimized to produce a precise and tension-free fit. Each suprastructure is milled following an individual milling strategy, verified, and inspected before it is shipped from Dentsply Sirona Implants.

Incorporating Atlantis into a dental practice and a dental laboratory provides peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

Learn more about Atlantis abutments prosthetic solutions.


The proof 

Atlantis suprastructures is introduced and the first implant suprastructures are delivered 2005.

More than 500 000 Atlantis suprastructures implant connections produced and sold globally.

Comprehensive warranty program.

Atlantis suprastructures warranty program (pdf)

Five minutes is the time it can take to enter and process an order for an Atlantis suprastructures implant suprastructure in Atlantis WebOrder.

99% on-time, early or same-day shipping performance.

290 is the number of compatible implant and abutment connections. 

Atlantis compatibility chart (pdf)

Atlantis compatibility chart (extended assortment) (pdf)


Atlantis is good business

Incorporating Atlantis is an easy way to add a new, premium prosthetic dimension to the solution offerings of both dental practices and dental laboratories. 

Available for all major implant systems, Atlantis supports streamlined and consistent workflows for all implant-supported restorations. 

Additionally, Atlantis reduces time and costs related to inventory management, maintenance, and chairside modifications. It brings simplicity and profitability to the dental practice, while freeing up time for additional cases to be created at a dental laboratory. 

Best of all, Atlantis is an open, fully flexible business model that easily adjusts to dental practice and dental laboratory needs and processes, requiring no investment in software or equipment.

An implant- or abutment-level impression is taken by the clinician and sent to the dental laboratory with a request for an Atlantis suprastructures.

Atlantis suprastructures clinician-to-laboratory order form (pdf)

The order is entered by the dental technician using Atlantis WebOrder. Case models and materials are shipped to Dentsply Sirona Implants.


After review and final approval of the design in Atlantis Viewer, the suprastructure is milled.

The Atlantis suprastructure is shipped to the dental laboratory, which then produces the final prosthetic solution and sends the complete case back to the clinician.

Atlantis suprastructures connectivity – let’s get connected

Dentsply Sirona Implants Digital Solutions provides technologies that make it easier for everyone to connect, which streamlines the workflow for all your implant supported CAD/CAM restorations.

This connectivity is between you and us, but it is also between you and your treatment team members. And it is present throughout the planning and treatment processes.

Connectivity also helps guarantee that you receive exactly what you expect, each and every time. Indeed, one of our highest priorities is ensuring abutment deliveries of the highest quality, in the most reliable way.

Atlantis CaseSafe

Atlantis CaseSafe ensures efficient processing of your order and safe transport of your case materials.


Atlantis WebOrder

Atlantis orders can be conveniently placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an online ordering system for order entry that is quick and easy.

Learn more how to order using Atlantis WebOrder.


Atlantis suprastructures Soft

Implant suprastructures are designed using the latest digital technologies and suprastructures soft.


Atlantis Viewer

Atlantis suprastructures are milled only after review and final approval of the design.

Atlantis suprastructures

Available for fixed and removable implant prostheses for all major implant systems.

Read more about Atlantis suprastructures


Atlantis suprastructures cases

Atlantis 2in1

CAD design of the suprastructure in Atlantis Viewer, for approval prior to milling.

Primary structure of an Atlantis 2in1 is designed as a bar to be fixed to implants. 

Secondary structure of an Atlantis 2in1 is designed to be attached to the primary using friction fit. 

Secondary structure of an Atlantis 2in1 designed as a hybrid, finished with prefabricated teeth and denture resin. 

Courtesy of MDT Svein Thorstensen

Atlantis Bridge

Atlantis Bridge provides a full anatomical base for ceramic layering technique. Designed with angulated screw access for optimal esthetic results. 

Optimal position of the screw channel for improved function and esthetics. 

Final restoration with Atlantis Hybrid in the lower jaw for best possible function and Atlantis Bridge in the upper jaw for optimal esthetic results.

Courtesy of Dr. Sissel Heggdalsvik, Dr. Per-John Halvorsen and MDT Svein Thorstensen

Atlantis Hybrid 

CAD design of suprastructure and tooth set-up in Atlantis Viewer, for approval prior to milling.

Demanding cases, e.g., challenging implant positions, can also be solved with Atlantis suprastructures.

Final prosthesis ready for delivery to the clinic.

Atlantis suprastructure in place.

Case courtesy of Dr. Sadia Khan, University of Oslo, Norway and Svein Thorstensen, MDT, Dental Studio, Oslo, Norway

Flexibilidad quirúrgica

Atlantis is available for all major implant systems, and with a comprehensive number of compatible implant and abutment connections, you can restore your preferred implant system(s) with Atlantis.

Compatibilidad de las estructuras Atlantis 

Atlantis suprastructures es compatible para la mayoría de los sistemas de implantes:

  • Dentsply Sirona Implants 
    - Ankylos
    - Astra Tech Implant System
    - Xive
  • BioHorizons
  • Biomet 3i
  • Camlog
  • Dyna
  • Keystone Dental
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Dental
  • Todas las marcas son propiedad de las compañías respectivas.
  • BioHorizons, Camlog y Keystone Dental no están disponibles en Norte América. 
  • Descargar la Tabla de compatibilidades de Atlantis supraastructures - Sistemas de implantes (archivo pdf)  

All trademarks, company names and implant designs are the property of their respective owners.

Programa de garantía de Atlantis suprastructures

Las estructuras de Atlantis suprastructures se producen con los últimos avances en tecnologías CAD/CAM y se fabrican a partir de bloques sólidos de titanio o cromo-cobalto. Esto elimina la posibilidad de porosidades en el material, algo habitual con las técnicas de colado. Las estrategias de fabricación de Atlantis suprastructures se han optimizado para producir unas estructuras sumamente precisas que ofrezcan un ajuste sin tensión. La precisión y calidad de Atlantis suprastructures está respaldada por una completa garantía de 10 años para ambos materiales, el titanio y el cromo-cobalto.


La garantía de los implantes Atlantis suprastructures en titanio cubre 10 años.


La garantía de los implantes Atlantis suprastructures en cormo-cobalto cubre 10 años.



As an added assurance that you have received a true Atlantis original implant suprastructure, warranty cards are provided with the order identification number for every case delivered. 

Pida Atlantis 

Atlantis orders are conveniently placed in an online ordering system – Atlantis WebOrder. A single case can be processed in just a minute, available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Dental technicians play a key role in the order process and naturally have an Atlantis WebOrder account.

Atlantis WebOrder

In Atlantis WebOrder orders can be placed for Atlantis abutments and
Atlantis suprastructures.

In order to become an Atlantis customer and get access to Atlantis WebOrder please proceed to Atlantis WebOrder and create an account or contact your local Dentsply Sirona Implants representative for assistance.

Go to Atlantis WebOrder (opens in new window)

  • Online ordering system – no need to install or upgrade software
  • Entering order data is quick and easy
  • No investment costs
  • Ordering simplicity creates a consistent workflow
  • Case data remains easily accessible via digital devices
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week