ChemFil Rock Advanced GI Restorative A2 50 caps Refill

Stronger. Simpler. Easier.
• Up to 25% higher strength than other conventional glass ionomers
• Superior fracture and wear resistance.
• Bulk placement, self adhesive, self-cure setting. No cavity conditioning or surface coat needed.
• Non-sticky, packable formula with a sculptable consistency for excellent adaptability

Dentists reach for glass ionomer restoratives more and more in pediatric, geriatric, and emergency cases due to their superior performance in terms of moisture tolerance, fluoride release, and self-adhesive ability. Dentsply made a good thing better with ChemFil Rock – the first GI to contain zinc-reinforced glass ionomers for earlier toughness build up and resistance to fractures. Add a simplified placement technique and easier handling, and it’s a no brainer to keep ChemFil Rock on hand for difficult cases.