Prime&Bond Overview

With over 13 years of clinical success in over one billion applications, the Prime&Bond adhesive brand remains today what it has always been...leading-edge bonding technology and a standard for efficiency and strength.  Prime&Bond adhesives utilize proprietary resin manufacturing techniques and unique PENTA adhesive monomer chemistry to deliver confidence and predictable results in both direct and indirect restorative applications.


Prime&Bond Elect Overview

Creating a strong bond is a key factor in restorative success.  Although the strongest bond in the mouth is to etched enamel, over-etching dentin is a leading cause of post-op sensitivity.  Prime&Bond Elect Universal Adhesive gives you the flexibility to use the etching technique that is most appropriate for the situation.  Whether applied in total-etch, self-etch, or selective etch mode, the unique chemistry of Prim&Bond Elect provides consistently high bond strengths and virtually no post-op sensitivity with low film thickness.

Proven Technology

Built on the clinically proven chemistry of Prime & Bond NT Dental Adhesive System, one of the world's most widely used and clinically tested adhesives, Prime&Bond Elect uses the same unique PENTA chemistry, utilizing a combination of micro mechanical and chemical bonding to provide confidence in achieving consistent, long-term bond strength performance.


Low Film Thickness 

Thick adhesives have a tendency to pool in the corners of the proximal box of a Class II.  These adhesive pools show up as translucent areas on the radiograph, which can easily be misdiagnosed as a void, gap, or secondary decay - causing the clinician to question whether they should remove the restoration.  Prime&Bond Elect provides a lower film thickness of resin-dentin and resin-enamel interfaces for increased accuracy.


Prime & Bond NT

Tried and true Prime & Bond NT Total-Etch Dental Adhesive utilizes proprietary resin manufacturing techniques to provide superior chemistry, proven strength and no sensitivity.  Perfect for light cured direct restorations and dual cured indirect restorations, Prime & Bond NT can be used for a variety of indications and is available in a bottle and unit dose delivery.


Exclusive nano-filler particles are 100 times smaller than fillers in hybrid composites. The particles reinforce the hybrid layer, support the collagen fibers and penetrate deep into the dentinal tubules.