Curing Lights

Light curing is an essential procedural step in the placement of composite resin retorations, and ensuring adequate energy delivery to the base of the restoration is critical for success.  The average depth of a Class II is 6mm.  Add cuspal inclines, and the light tip is commonly 8mm from the floor of the proximal box.  The amount of light energy delivered by the curing light to the deepest layers of adhesive and composite is a critical factor in the success of a Class II restoration. Learn More

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Mixing & Application

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Finishing & Polishing

The end of your restoration should be smooth.  Surface irregularities left after finishing and polishing can lead to staining, plaque accumulation, gingival irritation and recurrent caries.  Also, look and feel can affect patient satisfaction, which is the biggest influencer of returning and referral patients. Learn more

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Matrix Systems

When using resin-based restoratives, both isolation and accurate contact creation are essential for success.  Choose a matrix system that not only provides anatomically accurate contacts, but also helps create a thight seal around the restorative field.  Learn more

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