Equipment for Ceramics

Multimat NTX and NTX Pressing Furnace

The premium Multimat NTX and NTXPRESS units are suitable for all firing and pressing programs, producing dependable firing results with easy program customization.  Equipped with an even heating coil protected by a quartz glass tube to ensure homogeneous heat distribution within the chamber.  Multimats' supplementary real-time controller assists the main CPU in providing extra power and a highly precise temperature curve.  With the NTX PC software, programs can be used to conveniently create and administer firing and pressing programs for subsequent transfer to one or multiple furnaces via USB sticks.  The Multimat logical folder program structure intuitively guides the operator through all menu levels, directly to the desired program.

  • Universal firing/pressing furnace
  • High-quality True Color touch screen
  • Compatible with video, JPG and MP3 files
  • Extremely small footprint (width/depth 11.0" x 16.9", 280 x 430mm)
  • Approved according to international and ETL standards
  • Continuous thermocouple monitoring
  • Power adapter monitors for voltage peaks and short-term power loss
  • Automated self-test feature guarantees proper function of the entire unit on power-up
  • "One-touch desktop" implemented by placing appropriate folders or programs directly on the main screen
  • Full customizable firing and pressing parameters
  • Three-year warranty

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Safety Data Sheet Information (SDS) can be found with Sku Information.


DENTSPLY completes the needs of any dental laboratory by providing equipment essential to any process, from burnout ovens  to VLC curing units for fixed or removable prosthetics.

Vulcan Burnout Furnaces

Vulcan benchtop furnaces are available in three standard muffle sizes and each can be purchased with one of three different controllers. Single setpoint analog controllers are an economical option when rate of temperature climb is not a concern. Single setpoint digital controllers allow the operator to control the rate of temperature climb, and monitor the progress of the program on an easy-to-read, accurate digital display. Three-stage digital programmable models have nine multi-stage programs, a hold temperature program, and a delay start option which allows a program's start time to be delayed for up to seven days.

Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with durable baked enamel coating. A vertical lift door is standard for operator safety and space conservation.

Vulcan Furnace Features:

  • Control option: digital programmable, single set-point analog, single set-point digital
  • High performance hybrid muffle design for faster heating and cooling than full fireback
  • Safety designed, vertical lift door saves space and directs heat away from the operator
  • Venturi air exchange (selected models)
  • Power door (selected models)
  • 2-year limited warranty
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Safety Data Sheet Information (SDS) can be found with Sku Information.