Fixed Prosthetics

DENTSPLY's portfolio of fixed prosthetic products - including veneers, substructures, provisionals, equipment and merchandise - is manufactured with the single goal of simplifying the restoration process and providing greater certainty in the outcome of crowns and bridges. Dental laboratories can work with DENTSPLY's line of Ceramco porcelains, all of which provide high aesthetics and set the standard for ease-of-use for any type of restoration. Ultimately, this allows lab technicians to produce aesthetic crowns with less waste.

Porcelain Alloys

DENTSPLY Prosthetics offers a comprehensive selection of porcelain alloys designed to give the practitioner and technician the opportunity to create the best restoration for each patient - from inlays and onlays to full-cast units and bridgework.

IdentAlloy Certification

  • Materials carrying IdentAlloy certification offer labs, dentists, patients and others many proven benefits:
  • Visible means to assure the dentist of intent and integrity
  • Documentation for lab and dentist records in the event of questions, repairs or disputed claims
  • Documentation for patient records in the event on insurance questions
  • Assurance of proper alloy selection and use
  • Availability of material information in patient records for reference by dentists who may require it for future treatment
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DENTSPLY Ceramco offers a full range of porcelain products to meet dental laboratories' requirements and have characteristics that set it apart from the competition 1) stable shades and handling 2) easy to shade and 3) easy-to-reproduce. Ceramco porcelains range from the highly aesthetic premium porcelain system, Ceramco® iC, to the workhorse, easy-to-use Ceramco®3 and PFZ porcelain lines of ceramics, and other economic Ceramco options. Ceramco also offers European systems, such as Kiss®. Ceramco constantly seeks new ways to meet the varied needs of dental laboratory partners.
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Equipment for Ceramics

DENTSPLY completes the needs of any dental laboratory by providing equipment essential to any process, from burnout ovens to VLC curing units for fixed or removable prosthetics.

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  • Components marked with “/X” are indexed – The index is used to position the abutments in the implants in one of six possible positions. In this case, it is also the cone that ensures optimum stability and rotation locking.
  • Components marked with “C/X” are used for indexed or non-indexed prosthetics


DENTSPLY has two provisional material offerings that utilize light curing technology to provide customers with fabrication time savings and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the patient. Both product lines come in a wide variety of tooth shade options.