Caulk Post & Core Kit

A complete Post & Core System to help you complete procedures faster, easier
•All products are arranged from start to finish, resulting in a fast and easy procedure
•The system gives you a step-by-step guide and provides all the needed components in one convenient tray •Since all components are in one location, set up and tear down is significantly more efficient and economical

The Post & Core System includes DENTSPLY Caulk's most effective and popular endodontic products, plus all the posts, drills, tips, and points needed to get the job done most efficiently and effectively.

1. Gutta Percha Removal

  • Quickly and easily select the appropriate reamer and drill to remove Gutta Percha material
  • Reamers match color-coded posts and drills

2. Post Preparation - FluoroPost

  • Dentin-like elasticity
  • Tapered shape mimics anatomy
  • Radiopaque for X-ray detection and easy monitoring

3. Acid Conditioning of Canal •Clearly visible blue color

  • 15 second rinse 4. Bonding of Post and Canal - XP Bond Adhesive
  • Proven self cure within the deep, dark canal
  • Excellent bonding performance in both wet and dry environments

5. Post Cementation & Core Build-Up - FluoroCore 2+ Material

  • One product for both core build-up and post cementation
  • Stackable viscosity for ease of placement

CAULK POST & CORE KIT includes: 15 FluoroPost Endodontic Fiber Posts: 5 Size #1 (Yellow), 5 Size #2 (Red), 3 Size #3 (Blue), 2 Size #4 (Green); 2 FluoroPost Peeso Reamers – 1 each size: Size #1 (for posts #1 and #2), Size #2 (for posts #3 and #4); 4 FluoroPost Precision Drills – 1 each: Size #1 (Yellow), Size #2 (Red), Size #3 (Blue), Size #4 (Green); 1 Syringe Caulk Tooth Conditioner Gel (3mL), 25 Disposable Applicator Tips (Needles) – Blue, 1 Bottle XP BOND Adhesive (5mL), 1 Bottle Self Cure Activator (4.5mL), 1 CliXdish Mixing Well, FluoroCore 2+ Material Automix Syringes (4.75g each) – 1 Tooth Colored, 1 Blue Colored, 10 Mixing Tips, 10 Endo Intraoral Tips, 1 Mix Pad, 30 Paper Points, 50 Root Canal Applicator Tips              

Restoration of the Endodontically-Treated Tooth: Treatment Planning Concepts for Optimal Results in Restorative Dentistry Alan M. Atlas, DMD Padma Raman, DMD