No Trace .018 Slot Bracket Kit Upper Lower 4-4

No•Trace - Correction up to 6mm

No•Trace System is the all-but-undetectable lingual treatment that work behind the scenes for patients requiring 6mm or less of correction. No•Trace System is designed to treat minor anterior alignment cases in as little as 12-24 weeks. Bonding No•Trace braces is easy and efficient with self-ligating brackets and optional indirect bonding. And because there's no action required by the patient, compliance is nearly effortless. When it comes to minor tooth movement, offer your patients the option of No•Trace System, the low-profile brace without a trace.

Practice Advantages

No•Trace System utilizes small, easy-to-bond, self-ligating, lingual brackets that can be applied to the six upper and six lower anterior teeth including wire placement, in just 30 minutes. Virtually invisible, No•Trace braces offers easy, predictable treatment so doctors and staff may treat patients quickly and effectively - without visible braces or removable trays to manage. For most cases, treatment can be completed in as little as 12 to 24 weeks.

The No•Trace System self-ligating, lingual brackets can be placed directly or indirectly. To place directly, the brackets are set just below the incisal edge, making placement as simple as placing a lingual retainer. Indirect placement is also available and allows the system to be positioned and bonded quickly.

  • Additional revenue stream
  • Fast, easy placement with direct or optional indirect bonding
  • Rapid wire engagement with self-ligating brackets
  • Virtually eliminates patient compliance issues
  • No wire changes in most cases
  • MIM for small size and greater strength
  • You control the treatment

Patient Advantages

  • Begin treatment in under an hour
  • Absolutely undetectable 
  • Small, comfortable to wear
  • Fast results in a matter of weeks
  • Few office visits

In most cases, you will only need to place one or two wires to complete the case.