Pluggers & Spreaders

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When it comes to successful results, we’re all looking for the same thing: a dense, 3-D fill that includes lateral and accessory canals. That’s where the hydraulics of centrally compacting obturators comes in.  Learn more about GuttaCore obturators.

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Obturator Accessories

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Gutta-Percha Points

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Paper Points


The same healing properties of ProRoot MTA are now available in a biocompatible sealer. ProRoot ES promotes tissue regeneration, providing a hard tissue covering over the apical foramen for a biological seal.  Learn more about ProRoot ES Endodontic Sealer.

Root Repair Material

Because of ProRoot MTA’s exceptional qualities, root repairs performed with this material result in more predictable results, instilling practitioners with the added confidence of a positive outcome. Learn more about ProRoot MTA.


Warm Vertical

As the originator of the motorized backfill, we believe that the best tools and the best training can inspire every practitioner to become an endoartist.   Learn more