Composites & Flowables

With cutting-edge composite materials and a long history of clinically-proven results that have seen hundreds-of-millions of restoration applications, DENTSPLY continues to be a leader in the composite market. Backed by innovation and dental industry expertise DENTSPLY was the first manufacturer to offer a low stress bulk fill and an easy to handle, simplified shading universal composite based on novel SphereTEC filler technology.

Universal Composites

Dentsply Sirona universal composites offer a dependable solution for direct restorative needs. With a focus on enabling nature-like esthetics in efficient ways, our universal composites combine cutting-edge technology with unique, simplified handling and shading options to make desireable results easy to achieve. 

ceram.x universal is a nano-ceramic, light-cured, radiopaque, universal composite based on the novel SphereTEC filler technology indicated for both, direct and indirect restorations.

ceram.x universal

The unique SphereTEC technology takes handling comfort to the next level.

• Ingenious simple shading system: 5 shades to cover the full VITA range

• Fast and easy polishing for outstanding gloss

• Natural aesthetics


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ceram.x duo universal nano-ceramic composite replicates the translucency and chroma of natural teeth. The system combines just four dentin shades and three enamel shades using simple recipes to cover the entire 16-shades VITA range and deliver natural, high-end aesthetic results.

NEW! Unique, SphereTEC technology takes ceram.x duo handling to the next level. Spherical pre-polymerized glass fillers provide an enhanced composite handling experience.

• Excellent cavity adaption and sculptability and doesn't stick to hand instruments

• Improved slump resistance

• Fast and easy polishing for outstanding aesthetic results

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Spectrum TPH3 is a visible light-activated, radiopaque microhybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations. The composite is pre-dosed in Compules Tips or delivered in traditional Syringes and available in a selection of precise Vita shades.

Spectrum TPH3

What makes Spectrum TPH3 Composite the proven everyday universal composite?

•  Simple and aesthetic

•  Proven durability

•  Easy handling

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Esthet·X HD High Definition Micro Matrix Restorative is a visible light-cured, radiopaque, composite restorative material that is re-defined to present the ideal combination of beauty and strength for anterior and posterior restorations.

Esthet·X HD High Definition Micro Matrix Restorative

The newly optimized filler particle distribution provides:

• Faster, brilliant, and long lasting polish

• Outstanding physical and handling properties 

• Comprehensive shade and opacity selection

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With a newly optimized filler particle distribution, Esthet·X HD provides:


• Faster, brilliant, and long lasting polish

• Outstanding physical properties 

• Ideal handling characteristics

• Comprehensive shade and opacity selection


With a newly optimized filler particle distribution, Esthet·X HD provides:


• Faster, brilliant, and long lasting polish

• Outstanding physical properties 

• Ideal handling characteristics

• Comprehensive shade and opacity selection

Posterior Composites

Posterior Composites are optimized for the restoration of cavity classes I and II (posterior cavities) with physical properties designed to withstand the high forces of mastication. These materials offer a simple, fast, and reliable solution for filling small to large cavities and providing acceptable esthetic results in posterior teeth.

SDR Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base is a one-component, visible light-cured, radiopaque resin composite restorative material. It is designed to be used as a base or liner in Class I and II restorations. It is also suitable as a stand-alone restorative material in non-occlusal-contact applications.

SDR Smart Dentin Replacement

The unmatched Bulk Fill material with flowable consistency

• Bulk-fill

• Liner

• Post-endo treatment

• Deciduous molars

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QuiXfil is a resin-based restorative material specially designed for posterior use. QuiXfil allows a simplified and fast application technique without compromising safety and efficacy. 

QuiXfil Performance and Economy

• Speed: QuiXfil™ provides a fast and economical treatment step, 4 mm cure in 10 seconds.

• Durable: QuiXfil™ shows reduced shrinkage.

• Pleasure: QuiXfil™ is non-sticky and easiliy sculptable, with a long working time and easy-delivery.

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Flowables are composites with much lower viscosity and, thus, good flow properties. They are often used treating smaller and very small cavities, for the treatment of class V defects or as repair materials. If applied as a preliminary step before universal or posterior composites, they act as stress buffers and improve the adaptability of the subsequent layer.

To dentists looking for a universal flowable restorative, X-flow is the brand of flowable restorative that provides controllable pin-pointed placement because of its thixotropic flow behavior and its patented Compula Tip with thin and long metallic nozzle. 


The universal flowable - Flow straight to the point!

• Ultra thin tip for precise application.

• Best access and visibility in all indications.

• Compatible with light-cured composites

• Always controllable flow behaviour


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Dyract flow is a universal compomer restorative material with flow characteristics which make it ideal for small cavities in anterior and posterior teeth. 

Dyract flow adapts to the cavity walls without the use of hand instruments. Dyract flow is delivered in small syringes for direct intraoral application.

Dyract flow

Flowable Compomer Restorative

• Perfect for minimal invasive restorations

• Non-rinse treatment procedure

• Substantial, long-term fluoride release

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Compomers are hybrid materials between composites and glass ionomers but with mechanical properties and a clinical longevity on the same high level as composites. Like composites, compomers are set through light-curing but also have a chemical self-cure component. Like glass ionomers, compomers release fluoride which results in certain protection from secondary caries. This in total makes them materials of choice for patients who are at high caries risk.

To dentists who are concerned about their high caries-risk patients, Dyract eXtra is the brand of universal restoratives that reduces the risk of developing caries because of continuous fluoride release.

Dyract eXtra

The Caries Preventing Restorative

• Extra Care

• Clinically proven

• Fast and easy

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