Dental Adhesives are designed to create a gap free bond between the restoration and the tooth structure. A strong adhesive compensates the shrinkage of the composite, helps to reduce the risk of post-operative sensitivity and significantly contributes to the longevity of the restoration. Ideally, adhesives should be tolerant towards different degrees of dentin moisture to enable a strong bond and reliable sealing even when the clinical conditions are less than ideal.

Etch&Rinse adhesives require the use of a separate tooth conditioner, e.g. DeTrey Conditioner 36.

Prime&Bond XP is a modern Etch&Rinse adhesive for all direct and indirect restorations. When used with Self Cure Activator and dual curing DENTSPLY resin cements (e.g. Calibra, Core.X-flow or SmartCem2), separate light curing of the adhesive layer is not necessary.


Prime&Bond XP

Forgives Almost Anything

It provides excellent bond strength even under various levels of dentin moisture.

- High application security

- Reliable bond strength

- Tight marginal sealing

- Universal use

- User friendly



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Prime&Bond NT is the classic one bottle Etch&Rinse adhesive. It provides more than 20 years of clinical success: dentists all over the world have placed more than 1 billion restorations using Prime&Bond NT!


Prime&Bond NT

The perfect bond between science and satisfaction

- Successfully proven Total Etch Technology with unique PENTA molecule

- Nano technology: reliable, fast and easy

- Excellent bond strength on dentine and enamel






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Universal adhesives can be used in Etch&Rinse, Self-Etch and with Selective Enamel Etching, depending on the clinical situation.

The Xeno-family looks back on a 14-year history of clinical success. During those 14 years, maximizing both performance and convenience has been an essential part of the Xeno philosophy.

Xeno Select takes this to the next level. Its robustness, versatility and convenient handling save you time – and the economic use even money.

Xeno Select can be used with all etching methods: Etch&Rinse, Self-Etch and Selective Enamel Etching.

Xeno Select

A reliable solution for all bonding techniques

- Select your preferred etching method

- Virtually no post-operative sensitivy

- High application security

- Excellent marginal sealing

- High and well balanced bond strength

- User friendly



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Self-Etch adhesive do not require additional conditioning with phosphoric acid. The etching step is already included in the adhesive. Xeno V+ is a one bottle Self-Etch adhesive. The etching step is already built in.

xeno V+

One-Component Self-Ecthing Dental Adhesive

- High bonding preformance in one bottle

- More convenience: One Bottle - no mixing, easy procedure

- More confidence: no need for cool storage

- Patient friendly scent




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Self Cure Activator

Self Cure Activator (SCA) is for use with Prime&Bond active, Prime&Bond XP, Prime&Bond NT, prime&bond one ETCH&RINSE or Spectrum bond in conjunction with a dual-cure or self-cure resin cement or restorative such as Calibra, SmartCem2 or core·X flow.

SCA is suitable for bonding of all indirect restorations including metal, porcelain and composite based crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridge retainers and endodontic posts.

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CliXdish mixing well is a reusable mixing well that features a unique, ambient-lightblocking lid. It protects adhesives and other liquids from ambient light and reduces the evaporation of solvents.

The closed lid serves as a rest for in-use storage of an applicator tip or a similar application device.


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Applicator Tips

Flocked Applicator Tips for the application of adhesives.

DeTrey Conditioner 36

Phosphoric Acid Gel for the Etching of Enamel and Conditioning of Dentin

DeTrey Conditioner 36 is a blue-tinted gel containing 36% phosphoric acid for the etching of enamel and conditioning of dentin prior to bonding with resin-based material.

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Non-Rinse Conditioner

NRC is a self-priming conditioning liquid used in combination with Prime&Bond NT Nano-Technology Dental Adhesive for Dyract compomer restorations where enhanced adhesion to enamel is required. NRC offers a fast way to condition and prime enamel and dentin in an easy application procedure without the need to rinse with water.

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