Dentsply Sirona Local Anaesthetic

Dentsply Sirona Local Anaesthetic - Citanest and Xylocaine - is latex free and is now available in 50 standard cartridge packs.

Please note: Customers can still use a self-aspirating delivery technique by using a ‘barbed’ self-aspirating syringe (Item No. 62413105) with a Standard cartridge.

Xylocaine 2% with adrenaline (Epinephrine) - Latex Free

Xylocaine® 2% with Adrenaline (Epinephrine) 1:80,000 DENTAL 30mg/ml + 12.5 microgram/ml lidocaine hydrochloride + adrenaline Standard cartridge.

- Pregnancy Category B, safe for pregnant patients.

- Latex-free cartridges to help avoid allergic reactions.

Citanest 3% with Octapressin (Latex Free)

Citanest is unique - Prilocaine hydrochloride 3% w/v Felypressin 0.54 micrograms/ml standard catridge.

It is latex free, adrenaline free and is the only local anaesthetic that uses Felypressin as a vasoconstrictor to maintain anaesthetic in the desired area.

- Pregnancy Category A, the safest category of drugs for pregnant patients

- No adrenaline – for medically compromised patients

- Latex-free cartridges to help avoid allergic reactions

Oraqix - Non-Injectable Anaesthetic

Oraqix® is a non-injectable dental local anaesthetic indicated in adults for localised anaesthesia in periodontal pockets for diagnostic and treatment procedures such as probing, scaling and/or root planing.