Rotary & Reciprocating Endodontic Files

Dentsply Sirona provides Dentists and Specialists with proven, innovative products to shape canals with confidence. Cutting edge file designs and advanced metallurgy combine to deliver predictable outcomes, increased procedural efficiency, and enhanced safety. In conjunction with a complete procedural offering, our objective is to enable clinicians to deliver outstanding patient care.

WaveOne GOLD Reciprocation - since its launch in 2011, WaveOne reciprocation set a new standard in root canal shaping - allowing 80% of cases to be shaped safely and efficiently with a single NiTi file.  Now that standard continues with WaveOne GOLD - simplicity with a host of golden benefits - Learn more

ProTaper GOLD - is an upgrade from ProTaper Universal┬« and is designed specifically for ProTaper Universal users who do not want to change their technique but would benefit from the increased safety delivered by the latest developments in metallurgy - GOLD proprietary processing. Note: ProTaper Universal was discontinued on 1st October 2016.

ProTaper GOLD keeps the same philosophy as the first generation of ProTaper (file sequence, file sizes, motor settings, obturation methods) with strong additional benefits like increased flexibility (24% on average) and greater resistance to cyclic fatigue (2.6 times greater on an F3 finishing file) - Learn more

Rotary Glide Path Files

The root canal path is lined with twists and curves that require flexibility in a file to create a predictable glide path. Dentsply Sirona produces a number of products, including the innovative ProGlider, to cut a path with precision, thereby creating a free fall to the apex for shaping file systems and offering several advantages over other glide path files. Learn more

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Hand Files

Highly flexible stainless steel file manufactured by Dentpsly Sirona Maillefer. Files are sterile and for single use only. A comprehensive product portfolio inlcuding our ReadySteel file range:  C+ files     K-Flexofiles     K-Flexoreamers     Senseus Hedstroem     Senseus Flexofile     Senseus Flexoreamer     Senseus ProFinder

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