Carbides, Endodontic and Diamonds

All DENTSPLY rotary burs are perfectly balanced to reduce vibration and prolong hand piece life.

The Hi-DiĀ® Diamond Bur range, combines quality craftsmanship and the finest materials available, whilst meeting rigorous standards and pass exacting quality tests. Multiple layers of diamond grit that provide fast, reliable cutting, and extend the life of the diamond. Made from precision-engineered shanks help to minimise hand piece vibration and thus increase comfort among both patients and dentists.

DENTSPLY Diamond Burs are the first pre-sterile, multi use diamond bur range designed to save you time. There is no need to sterilise your diamond bur on first use. A wide selection of shapes and grit is available, with colour coded rings for quick identification.

DENTSPLY Tungsten Carbide Rotary and Oral Surgery Burs provide a super tough cutting edge for high speed applications. Manufactured to a high standard, this comprehensive range provides the clinician with a quality rotary bur.

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