Matrix Systems

Matrix System Overview

70% of clinicians find contact creation to be the most challenging part of a Class II restoration.  That's why we introduced Palodent, the very first sectional matrix system that led the market for two decades.  Today, the heritage continues with the Palodent V3 Sectional Matrix System.  It is designed to give clinicians the tools to build a strong foundation for Class II restorations.  Every component is optimized for ease of use and performance.  The result is an accurate system and consistent results.


Accurate Contacts 

Poor contact creation can lead to fractures, food impaction, gingival inflammation and recurrent caries.  Palodent V3 nickel titanium rings offer consistent separation force on molars and premolars, securing the anatomically shaped Palodent Plus matrices against the preparation for a predictable, accurate contact every time.

Tight Seal

When using resin-based restoratives, isolation is essential for success.  The Palodent V3 ring works with the matrix and wedge to create a tight seal around the restorative field, allowing the clinician to confidently move forward in the procedure.

Increased Efficiency

The Palodent V3 system components work together to seal and shape the restoration, minimizing flash and time spent finishing, as well as the chance for redos due to a poor contact.  The system can be configured for multiple restorations at once, and the WedgeGuard provides added efficiency by protecting the adjacent tooth, allowing the clinician to prep faster without worry.