Finishing & Polishing

Finishing System Overview

Surface irregularities left after finishing and polishing can lead to staining, plaque accumulation, gingival irritation, and recurrent caries.  Also, look and feel can affect patient satisfaction, which is the biggest influencer of returning and referral patients.  But this step in the procedure can be time consuming, representing on average 14% of total chair time for a Class II procedure.  Save time and get smooth results with the single component Enhance Finishing System.  With over 25 years of clinical success, Enhance is the only finisher that achieves both intermediate and final finishing in a single step.

A Smoother Result in Less Steps

The final surface is smoother when Enhance is used after gross conturing with a bur.  As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the Enhance cup, disc, or point to effectively buff the surface of the restoration.  The result is minimized surface irregularities and a smooth contoured surface that is pre-polished and thus more resistant to plaque retention and staining.