Curing Lights

Curing Light Overview

Light curing is an essential procedural step in the placement of composite resin restorations, and ensuring adequate energy delivery to the base of the restoration is critical for success.  Many curing lights deliver less than 35% of their stated output to the floor of a Class II proximal box. 

Not the SmartLite Focus Pen Style L.E.D. Curing Light.  It uses a collimated light beam and homogenous profile to deliver light energy uniformly down to clinically relevant depths, has excellent intra oral access, is lightweight and simple to operate.

Performance Over Distance

The average depth of a Class II is 6mm.  With Cuspal inclines, the light tip is commonly 8mm from the floor of the proximal box.  With a collimated light beam and homogenous beam profile, the SmartLite Focus unit delivers light energy uniformly for an even, reliable cure at distances that matter. 



With a lightweight (90g), 330° head rotation and pen-style design you'll experience excellent intra-oral control that'll help you maintain a steady hand at the proper angle, especially in the posterior where 74% of direct restorations are performed.  Keeping the light tip stable and flat to the restorative surface is critical.  It helps ensure sufficient light reaches the corners of the proximal box, which is especially difficult when space and access are limited in the back of the mouth.



Easy one touch operation combined with a lightweight, ergonomic design promotes consistent use across operators.  Add Smart Recharge Technology that checks the battery conditions and initiates the proper charging mode, and experience simplicity and dependability at its finest.