CAD-CAM Materials

Shaded Cercon ht

With True Color Technology, Cercon ht defines a new benchmark for Shade Accuracy!

Shade accuracy and shade consistency are the central elements of ceramic restorations – and crucial for success.

Cercon ht is now available in the 16 Vita®* Classical Shades precisely matched to the Vita shade standard.

• Drawing upon DENTSPLY’s expertise in monolithic and veneered ceramic materials and restorations, Cercon ht Shaded Zirconia formulations are optimized for maximum shade accuracy.
• The combination of DENTSPLY’s ceramic shading expertise and Cercon’s demonstrated product quality consistency, delivers this new benchmark in shade accurate zirconia technology.
• True Color Technology increases lab productivity due to less time needed to stain zirconia restorations and reduced remakes due to better shade accuracy the first time.

U.S. and German customers prefer the new Cercon ht Shaded Zirconia for shade accuracy versus the Vita Shade standard in a blind test against popular competitive product brands.

The new Cercon ht Shaded Zirconia consistently delivers shade accuracy across the full range of the Classic Vita shades.

Now available in 98mm and 105mm sizes!!!!


Qualified CAD/CAM systems

After extensive testing, the pre-sintered strength of Cercon ht is specified for optimal performance across a range of milling machines.  Cercon ht delivers excellent edge stability, marginal fit and detailed representation.

The versatility of Cercon ht performance in leading open CAD CAM Systems has been qualified.


New disk ring

The new patent-pending universal disk ring has been specifically developed for Cercon ht 98mm disks to ensure secure fit.

The uniform adhesive attachment of the disk ring across the entire contact surface provides maximum precision and durability throughout the milling process.

Call your DENTSPLY Prosthetics Sales Representative or DENTSPLY Prosthetics Customer Service (800-243-1942) for more information or to place an order.

Cercon Base Cast

Cercon base cast blanks are made of polyurethane, which is a casting resin that leaves no residue. They are used in fabricating frameworks for the conventional casting technique. Cercon base cast blanks are processed in Cercon brain.

Safety Data Sheet Information (SDS) can be found with Sku Information.