Esthetic Brackets

Ovation C - Advanced Ceramic Technology

The Ovation C bracket is our most-advanced, traditional ceramic bracket. Engineered to deliver precision and control, Ovation C esthetically acclimates to its environment while offering optimal stain resistance. With a durability that defies ceramics, Ovation C brackets are strong enough to rebond as needed. All while delivering the predictable results you want, the patient comfort you expect and the esthetics you demand. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from a DENTSPLY GAC bracket.

ESTHETICS  Translucent ceramic that blends with enamel while resisting stains.

STRENGTH  Durability that defies traditional ceramics, yet strong enough to rebond.

PERFORMANCE 100% mechanical base for predictable results and easy debonding.

Smooth Swept Tie Wings

For hassle-free ligation and enhanced patient comfort

Rhomboid Shape

Designed for better esthetics during treatment

Vertical Scribe Line

Provides a visual reference for alignment with the long axis of the clinical crown

Bracket ID System

For quick bracket identification and management before, during and after the procedure.

Debonding Indent

A debonding indent along the edge of the bracket is designed for easier debonding providing a positive seat for debonding instrument

Triple Chamfered Slot Walls

Chamferes slot design for easier engagement, reduced opportunity for archwire binding or crimping and increased inter-bracket span.

100% Mechanical Base

For reliable bonding and debonding.  Unlike other brackets that are designed to "crush" during debonding, the mechanical base of Ovation C allows for ability to reposition.  

Catalog 14 Volume III - Esthetic Twin Brackets

Resolve Ceramic - Beautiful Esthetics

Ceramic braces continue to be a popular choice for many teens and adults. Expanding your treatment options to include an esthetic choice provides you access to patients that otherwise would not consider braces. Resolve Ceramic is made from a translucent polycrystalline ceramic providing an optimal level of translucency to blend with the natural tooth color. The slot is made from the same material, further enhancing the esthetic properties.

Mechanical Bond

A mechanical base on the Resolve® Ceramic Bracket provides predictable bonding strength. No special preparation is needed, as is necessary for a chemical bond, and it works with all well known adhesives. 

Funnel Slot Design

The unique slot design foune in the Resolve Ceramic Bracket provides a wider, contoured slot access for the wire to prevent notching and reduce friction.

Integrated Hook Design

An integrated ceramic hook design on the cuspid and bi-cuspid’s offer the ability to use auxiliaries during treatment.

Bracket Identification

Unique Laser Printed Tooth ID on the facial. Colored Slot for easy identification and bracket management

Mystique MB - The Perfect Compliment to your Practice

By combining a revolutionary ceramic bracket with a provenmechanical base, MystiqueMB delivers exceptional aesthetics and incomparable performance. For your patients, itmeans confidence in their smile; for you, itmeans confidence in your reputation.

Superior Translucency

MystiqueMB has an optimal level of translucency and blends in perfectly with every shade of enamel. The aesthetics are further complemented by the revolutionary silica slot liner. In fact, from a distance of only one meter, Mystique MB is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Unparalleled strength and durability.

While esthetics are certainly an important aspect of ceramic brackets; the strength and durability of the brackets themselves is even more critical. A thoroughly tested and proven second generation mechanical lock base system ensures reliable bonding and debonding, while super heated glazing ensures overall structural integrity.

Debonding made easy.

With a mechanical lock and beveled edges, debonding with the new MystiqueMB is a breeze. Just remove any excess flash, squeeze at the base/tooth interface to remove the bracket.


The uniquely molded, dimpled base surface assures a consistently precise bond,and allows worry free bracket removal when debonding.

 The Silica Slot difference.

A virtually invisible silica lining takes the place of unsightly metal slots found in other ceramic brackets providing a more aesthetically pleasing bracket with optimal sliding mechanics. The silica slot lining process results in a true rectangular slot that has uncompromising torque.

Elation™ MB

The The Elation™ MB design is a durable, high-quality mechanical base. This innovative mechanical base has been thoroughly tested and proven reliably effective in both bonding and de-bonding procedures. In addition, this design improvement will eliminate the need for a plastic primer.

Our newest insert flows around the wire, which is designed to lower friction, as the wire touches the insert only at four small points at the polymeric wall. Next, Elation™ MB’s steel translates the torque through the base without the usual distortion or give of plastic and other polymeric materials. Unlike inserts which only line the slot wall, Elation™ MB’s unique slot is placed within the body to strengthen the whole bracket, not just the slot. This placement also makes the steel insert harder to see, creating a more aesthetic appearance. Elation™ MB works effectively with our NeoBond® adhesive; however, you can expect the same level of effectiveness from any light cure or chemical cure DENTSPLY GAC adhesive. Elation™ MB can be utilized with any archwire. But for a total esthetic solution appliance, we recommend GAC High Aesthetic Wires.

Stregnth and Beauty

  • Durable Design -Polymeric strength resists discoloration and erosion\
  • Color code ID for easy bracket identification
  • Nearly invisible steel insert
  • Tested and proven mechanical lock base