Atlantis abutments

Atlantis abutments – patient-specific abutments beyond CAD/CAM

Atlantis patient-specific abutments support cement-, (single-tooth) screw- and attachment-retained restorations for all major implant systems, providing an excellent foundation for optimal function and esthetics.

Atlantis patient-specific abutments beyond CAD/CAM (pdf)

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Learn more about Atlantis Conus concept (pdf)

Restorative freedom

Atlantis individually designed abutments support cement-, (single-tooth) screw- and attachment-retained restorations, for all major implant systems.

Click here to learn more about:

  • Atlantis Abutment for cement-retained restorations
  • Atlantis Crown Abutment for single-tooth screw-retained restorations
  • Atlantis Conus Abutment for attachment-retained restorations

Atlantis abutments allow you the freedom to choose among biocompatible materials including titanium, gold-shaded titanium and zirconia, meeting patient requirements and preferences for function and esthetics.

Atlantis abutments materials reference guide (pdf) 

Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, Atlantis abutments are individually designed from the final tooth shape, taking the specific edentulous space, surrounding teeth, and soft tissue anatomy into consideration.

Atlantis abutments emergence width options (pdf)

Given these factors, implant prosthetics truly mimic natural tooth function and appearance. Furthermore, Atlantis patient-specific abutments eliminate the time needed for inventory management and chairside modification.

Incorporating Atlantis into the dental practice and dental laboratory provides peace of mind for both clinicians and dental technicians while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability.

The proof

Less than 0.2% complaint rate based on an analysis of registered screw-related complaints on different implant platforms, in relation to the total number of abutments sold since 2008.

More than 1.3 million Atlantis abutments produced and sold globally.

Atlantis Abutment is introduced and the first abutments are delivered 1999.

One minute is the time it can take to enter and process an order for an Atlantis abutment in Atlantis WebOrder.

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99% on-time, early or same-day shipping performance.

Comprehensive warranty program.

Atlantis abutments warranty (pdf)

85 compatible implant connections.

Atlantis abutments compatibility chart (pdf)

28 published clinical studies and case reports documenting success using Atlantis abutments.

Scientific review for Atlantis abutments (pdf)

Atlantis is good business 

Incorporating Atlantis is an easy way to add a new, premium prosthetic dimension to the solution offerings of both dental practices and dental laboratories.

Available for all major implant systems, Atlantis supports streamlined and consistent workflows for all implant-supported restorations.

Additionally, Atlantis reduces time and costs related to inventory management, maintenance, and chairside modifications. It brings simplicity and profitability to the dental practice, while freeing up time for additional cases to be created at a dental laboratory.

Best of all, Atlantis is an open, fully flexible business model that easily adjusts to dental practice and dental laboratory needs and processes, requiring no investment in software or equipment.

An implant-level impression is taken by the clinician and sent to the dental laboratory with a request for Atlantis abutments.

Atlantis abutments clinician-to-laboratory order form (pdf) 

The order is entered by the dental technician using Atlantis WebOrder. Case models and materials can be shipped to Dentsply Sirona Implants or scanned at the dental laboratory.

All Atlantis abutments are designed by Dentsply Sirona Implants using the Atlantis VAD software. Designs can be reviewed and/ or edited in Atlantis 3D Editor before being produced by Dentsply Sirona Implants.

Once produced, Atlantis abutments are returned to the ordering dental laboratory which then produces the final prosthetic solution and sends the completed case back to the clinician. 

Atlantis abutments connectivity – let’s get connected

Dentsply Sirona Implants provides digital solutions that make it easier for everyone to connect, streamlining the workflow for all your restorations.

This connectivity is a result of our commitment to delivering consistent, reliable and high quality product and services. It supports the collaboration between Dentsply Sirona Implants and our customers as well as among the members of the treatment team and is present throughout the planning and treatment processes. Connectivity also helps guarantee that you receive exactly what you expect, each and every time.

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Immediate Smile featuring Atlantis Abutment

With this digital treatment concept, all components for guided implant placement and immediate, individualized temporization are available at one single surgical visit. The Atlantis Abutment and temporary crown are delivered at implant installation and provide ideal conditions for individualized esthetics and healthy soft tissue.

Read more about Immediate Smile featuring Atlantis Abutment.

Intraoral scanning for Atlantis Abutment

The streamlined process of using intraoral scanning ensures efficient coordination between the clinician and dental laboratory.

Compatible with iTero.

Learn more about intraoral scanning for Atlantis Abutment (pdf)

Lab-based scanning for Atlantis abutments

Lab-based scanning capability allows the dental laboratory to quickly and easily transfer digital scan information to Dentsply Sirona Implants.

Compatible with:

  • 3M ESPE Lava
  • 3Shape
  • Dental Wings
  • Atlantis Scan Upload (stand alone software tool) allows dental laboratories with open STL scanners to upload scans for Atlantis abutments.

Atlantis CaseSafe

When Dentsply Sirona Implants is scanning the case, Atlantis CaseSafe ensures efficient processing of your order and safe transport of your case materials.

Atlantis WebOrder

Atlantis orders can be conveniently placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an online ordering system for order entry that is quick and easy.

Learn more how to order using Atlantis WebOrder.

Atlantis VAD software

Virtual abutment design software that considers the edentulous space and surrounding teeth for higher precision and more natural esthetics.

Atlantis Editor

Allows for review and editing of the abutment design to be made before production.

Atlantis Core File

Digital file that allows the dental laboratory to design a temporary or final crown, even before the final abutment is delivered.

Learn more about Atlantis Core File.

Atlantis patient-specific abutments

The technology behind Atlantis provides an ideal foundation for function and esthetics.

It also allows for a functionally identical duplicate abutment to be ordered for use as a master die, which supports enhanced dental laboratory accuracy and optimized crown fit, while eliminating the need for placement and retrieval of the abutment used clinically.

Read more about Atlantis patient-specific abutments.

Later order of Atlantis abutments

Digitally-captured abutment design that allows for re-orders of original
Atlantis abutments to be placed at a later date (with or without design changes), eliminating the need for additional impressions.

Atlantis abutments cases 

Atlantis Abutment

Atlantis Abutment in titanium, milled from a solid titanium alloy blank,
titanium alloy 6Al-4V (grade 5). Suitable for all positions in the mouth.

Atlantis Abutment in gold-shaded titanium alloy 6Al-4V (grade 5) with a thin coating of biocompatible titanium nitride (TiN). Suitable for all positions in the mouth.

Atlantis abutments in zirconia, milled from solid blanks of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP). It is available in different shades.Suitable for all positions in the mouth.

Courtesy of Dr. Julian Osorio, Dr. Keith Phillips and Dr. Harold van der Burg


Atlantis Crown Abutment

Atlantis Crown Abutment in yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP), does not require the use of cement, and can be easily retrieved if needed. It is available in different shades.

Atlantis Crown Abutment in titanium alloy 6Al-4V (grade 5) can be finalized with titanium porcelain or composite. 


Courtesy of Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya


Atlantis Conus Abutment

Atlantis Conus Abutment - overdenture is designed for optimal retention for the Ankylos SynCone 5˚caps.

Ankylos SynCone 5˚caps fits with friction fit to the Atlantis Conus Abutment – overdenture.


Courtesy of Dr. Arnold Rosen

Surgical flexibility

Atlantis is available for all major implant systems, and with a comprehensive number of compatible implant and abutment connections, you can restore your preferred implant system(s) with Atlantis.

Atlantis dental abutments compatibility 

Atlantis abutments are available for all major implant systems and with 85 compatible implant connections, you can restore your preferred implant system(s) with Atlantis abutments.

Compatible with all major implant systems:

  • Dentsply Sirona Implants
    • Ankylos
    • Astra Tech Implant System
    • Xive
  • BioHorizons
  • Biomet 3i
  • Camlog
  • Keystone Dental
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Dental

All trademarks, company names and implant designs are the property of their respective owners.

Atlantis dental abutments warranty program

Naturally, the abutment solution that offers the greatest freedom is also backed by a comprehensive warranty. If an implant supplier does not honor its warranty due to your use of Atlantis abutments, Dentsply Sirona Implants will cover both the abutment and the implant.*

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the Atlantis abutments warranty.

Atlantis abutments in titanium are covered by a lifetime warranty period.

Atlantis abutments in gold-shaded titanium are covered by a lifetime warranty period.

Atlantis abutments in zirconia are covered by a five years warranty period.

For added assurance that you are receiving genuine Atlantis original abutments, warranty cards are provided with an order identification number for every case delivered.

Order Atlantis 

Atlantis orders are conveniently placed in an online ordering system – Atlantis WebOrder. A single case can be processed in just a minute, available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Dental technicians play a key role in the order process and naturally have an Atlantis WebOrder account.

Atlantis WebOrder

In Atlantis WebOrder orders can be placed for Atlantis abutments and Atlantis suprastructures.

In order to become an Atlantis customer and get access to Atlantis WebOrder please proceed to Atlantis WebOrder and create an account or contact your local Dentsply Sirona Implants representative for assistance.

Go to Atlantis WebOrder (opens in new window)

  • Online ordering system – no need to install or upgrade software
  • Entering order data is quick and easy
  • No investment costs
  • Ordering simplicity creates a consistent workflow
  • Case data remains easily accessible via digital devices
  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week